Meet our team

CEO and co-founder

Patrick Hennessy

Patrick is an industry veteran who spent a couple of decades building and leading various businesses for Merkle.

Patrick has a passion for people. A passion that is infectious. A passion that inspires our organization from top to bottom. His ability to clearly articulate his vision for both the company and the industry is why many of us are here.

Patrick and his wife are the proud parents of four great kids. In his spare time, Patrick plays golf (and he enjoys it, especially once in a while when he scores well!). Patrick studied history, and he is a BIG reader of business books, especially ones that focus on philosophies and building a great business—and when he finds a good one, everyone must read it!


Tim Berry

Tim has an insatiable passion for driving growth through people, data science and technology. With his extensive experience in building, growing and leading successful businesses, he’s cultivated his primary leadership philosophy of finding, hiring and retaining great people.

Tim’s vast experience includes 20 years on the Executive Team at Merkle with his latest role being President of Merkle Europe, where he grew the business from 300 people to over 1,500 people in two years.

Tim has a Masters in Statistics. Tim and his wife Jackie have four great kids and five wonderful grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with their growing family and traveling between Maryland, Breckenridge and Minnesota. When he gets a hot minute to himself, you can find him playing ice hockey, skiing and golfing.

Meet Our Strong Leaders

We have an elite leadership team

Leadership Team

Our Data Science and Talent Solutions Teams

Ozgur Dogan
Head of Data Science Solutions
Maggie Melnick
Managing Partner Talent Solutions

BLEND360 Corporate Careers

We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirt and passion that don’t just want to work, they want to work somewhere they love.

If you want to help us build on our teams’ success and continued growth, and you want to be part of a fast growing company, explore our corporate opportunities from our headquarters in Columbia, MD to virtual around the US.


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